Wine / Cigar Rooms

Who doesnt like wine ?  Built in wine cabinets and racks not only add beauty and sophistication to a home, but it adds a wow factor. I can help find a good space for a wine bar, beverage area,  cigar room or library . Whatever the space can lend itself to.  The home library , the old seating room or cigar lounges have become very popular again .. Keep in mind how much these custom spaces add to the value of your home. unlike furniture that depreciates and you take when you leave.. These custom spaces are tied to the house creating value and functionality and most of all a ” Pop ” that distinguishes  your home from the cookie cutters houses around you.

Cabinet Making / Installation

Customizing the space with beauty and functionality. Layout and Design of custom Cabinets / building cabinets / installing cabinets and either paint or stained finish. This speeds up the process and allows for a quick turnaround. Kitchen and bathroom cabinets and vanities . Wine bars and or storage for wine cellars. Man caves and movie theaters. There are so many areas that will use cabinets to transform the space from plain to fabulous .

Closet Design

Closet layout and functionality is so important. LBR will design a closet that will work for you. From function to fashion .. you decide. Closet units will make usable space from top to bottom . Make searching for your outfit fun and exciting . Adding compartments for long and short hanging garmets,  shoe shelving, space for ironing,  jewelry storage. Really the only limit is space not imagination.

Home Theater

I can help you design the room and layout and maximize your space in your budget. What makes a great movie theater? Well besides hitting your local retailer for a flat-screen or sound system, making the space a real theater experience can be done with any budget.  But a big screen tv in a room a theater it does not make… we can help .

Painting + Restoration

Interior and Exterior natural wood and paint restoration. Many many homes and cottages need to be painted or have some wood refinishing. But, numerous of these homes need repairs prior to having a local painter come in just to paint. Dont hide damaged or rotting wood, the problem will just get larger. LBR Wood and Finish not only will use whatever finish necessary to complete your restoration project but handle the repairs necessary to restore your home.  Custom woodworking can be done for areas that simple lumber cant replace.  We are wood specialist . Save time and overall money by allowing us to take it from start to finish.